Learning With Tech

Enhancing Learning With The Aid of Tech

Learning With Tech is a service from G Acceleration.

Learning Technology is often misunderstood and many organisations miss out on the benefits it brings.

Learning With Tech has been designed to help organisations of all kinds including HE, FE, Training Providers, Trainers, L&D Teams and Subject Experts discover, select, implement and use digital tools to enhance learning.

This may be the delivery of an established training programme or a manager providing training on the shop floor.

Please call me, Gerald Crittle to explore how learning technology can enhance your training services.

Enhancing learning with the aid of EdTech

Removing the barriers to the use of technology

Wide range of practical support:

  • Discovery Workshops
  • Impartial Advice
  • EdTech Projects
  • Digital Skills Training
  • EdTech Software/App Training
  • Software Research and Implementation

Providing Practical Support For:

  • Training Providers
  • Trainers
  • Subject Experts
  • FE and HE
  • HR Professionals
  • L&D Teams

Create Technology Enhanced Learning:

  • Create Vibrant Resources
  • Enhance Face to Face Delivery
  • Increase Delegate Engagement
  • Provide Blended Learning
  • Stream Line Assessment – Manage Projects
  • Market and Manage Provision

Practical Support

Remove the barriers to the introduction of EdTech


If your team is not aware of what learning technologies are available and how they can enhance learning we deliver EdTech discovery sessions.

These hands-on sessions are a great way of discovering new tools and exploring their use within your provision.


We are not tied to any software providers so we provide independent impartial advice to meet your needs.

We have a wealth of knowledge that we can share with your organisation.

If you have not found what you need we can research the options for you.


If you have decided to introduce a learning technology we can help you with the implementation.

This may be agreeing policies and procedures or overseeing the introduction of new ways of working including encouraging those reluctant to change.


If a lack of digital skills is holding your team back from using learning technology then ask about our training programmes. This can be 1:1 sessions or delivered in a workshop.

We also provide instruction in the use of a particular learning technology or application.

Discover the benefits of technology enhanced learning

Enhance your training services with low cost tools


In this internet age the ability to create vibrant training resources will make your provision stand out from the others, it will also enhance the learning process.

To raise your provision to the next level we can show you a range of excellent easy to use, low cost tools to create engaging material in a range of formats.



One of the misconceptions about learning technology is that it is all about elearning. For many subjects face-to-face training is still the preferred delivery method and we can help enhance delivery by introducing new ways of delivering content.

Happy senior business man at a boardroom meeting with colleagues


If you are looking to increasing delegate or learner engagement we can show you a range of tools to support the interaction between participants.



Rather than learning only taking place in a classroom providing blended learning is a great enhancement to your services. This may be providing access to resources before/after the training sessions or links to additional material.

Cloud Transfer Data Connection Network Concept


Course Assessment is often a bureaucratic nightmare with papers going back and forth between delegates and trainers. This takes time and papers are lost.

We can help you streamline this process. For NVQ providers this may be an eportfolio package or a simple file sharing application.



Streamline the management of projects and assignments by making them available on line. Saving both print costs and time.

Writing on Notepad


By using edtech you will be creating many new opportunities to market your provision and we can show you how.

Young adult working on a digital tablet


One of the major costs of delivering training is the development of resources. By using edtech you can quickly build libraries of assets that can be used in more than one course or training programme.



In addition to helping you introduce EdTech to enhance provision we can help you introduce technology to streamline your back office systems.

If you wish to introduce Learning With Tech

Please call me;  Gerald Crittle 07827 335918 for an informal chat

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