In Response to COVID-19 Are You Adapting How Training Is Delivered?

Do you need help getting started?

G Acceleration is offering a range of support to assist trainers, training providers and coaches in adapting their services to remote and blended delivery.

  • Remote Delivery to Avoid Social Contact

  • Blended Learning to Reduce the Time Online

  • Blended Learning to Reduce Face-to-Face Time

Learning With Tech is a service from

G Acceleration and has been designed to help organisations of all kinds, including HE, FE, Training Providers, Trainers, L&D Teams and Subject Experts discover, select, implement and use digital tools to enhance learning.

This may be the delivery of an established training programme or a manager providing training on the shop floor.

Please call me, Gerald Crittle 0n 07827 335918 to explore how learning technology can enhance your training services.

 The challenges of delivering online

With trainers and coaches currently unable to deliver face-to-face sessions, individuals and companies are having to find new ways of delivering their services. Trainers may have many years of experience in delivering face-to-face training, but moving to an online delivery model brings a range of new challenges. These include:

  • ensuring that the content is engaging when delivered online. Several hours of PowerPoint by Zoom is probably not a long term solution
  • creating different ways of supporting delegate participation, ensuring engagement throughout the session and checking that the content has been understood
  • having the skills and confidence to use a range of technologies
  • finding creative ways to reduce the time spent online (to avoid ‘Zoom fatigue’) by using a blended approach, supporting learning by providing additional content in a range of formats.

Support Services

  • Moving Delivery Online

  • Providing Blended Learning

  • Developing Digital Skills

  • Additional Support

Explore how to avoid ‘Zoom’ fatigue

Moving Delivery Online

We offer a package of support for trainers who would like to explore new ways of delivering their training online. This including a one-hour one-to-one session exploring:

  • a range of low-cost tools to enhance online delivery
  • ways of encouraging delegate participation
  • methods to check understanding

The session is one-to-one or for small teams so we can use the trainer’s material to create examples and focus on their and their particular needs.

As part of this package of support, we will provide links to a range of tools, examples and ideas to enhance remote learning.

The package costs £80.00 and this includes links to the tools explored, the one hour ‘Getting Started’ session plus three monthly updates about learning technologies.  Additional trainers or managers can join the session for £35.00.

One-to-one sessions that focus on the trainer’s provision and approach to remote delivery

Links to a range of tools to support remote learning, to improve engagement and participation

Create a blended approach to avoid Zoom fatigue
Create a blended approach to reduce face-to-face time

Blended Learning can take many forms and we can help trainers and training providers explore the options from simple interventions to more sophisticated resources.

Exploring Blended Learning

We provide a one hour getting started with Blended Learning session for training providers who are adapting their training provision.

One of the challenges facing trainers moving to online delivery is around ‘Zoom fatigue’. One way of avoiding this is to reduce the duration of the time spent online compared to the same course delivered face to face. This can be achieved by providing additional resources to create blended learning.

As face-to-face training returns, trainers may consider introducing blended learning to reduce contact time.

Sending reading materials alone may not be enough to ensure participants achieve the desired goals. We can help trainers and training providers move to a blended approach by signposting them to a range of tools to enable them to create new resources that can be used to supplement Zoom delivery. We’ll explore many different techniques, from use of voice and video to the creation of quizzes and polls.

The getting started with Blended Learning package costs £80.00 which includes the one-to-one session, links to the tools explored plus three monthly updates about learning technologies.  Additional trainers or managers can join the session for £35.00 per hour.

Digital Skills

We offer digital skills training for trainers who have not used or are not confident in using technology to support online learning.

Many of the tools available to support online training are low cost and are easy to use once you have got started. We provide a combination of online training and offline instructional content which trainers can work through in their own time, including ‘how-to’ videos.

Please call Gerald Crittle on 07827 335918 to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

Additional Support

In addition to the one hour sessions and Digital Skills Training, we offer a range of other services. These include:

  • Help with converting ‘traditional’ content (e.g. PowerPoint) into a more appropriate format
  • Reviewing test runs of online courses and providing feedback
  • Additional support and guidance tailored to user needs
  • Supporting the development of training programmes
  • The creation of user guides

To explore these services please call Gerald Crittle 07827 335918 for an informal chat about the help you require to enhance your training services by adopting learning technologies.

Wide range of practical support:

  • Discovery Workshops
  • Impartial Advice
  • EdTech Projects
  • Digital Skills Training
  • EdTech Software/App Training
  • Software Research and Implementation

Providing Practical Support For:

  • Training Providers
  • Trainers
  • Subject Experts
  • FE and HE
  • HR Professionals
  • L&D Teams

Create Technology Enhanced Learning:

  • Create Vibrant Resources
  • Enhance Face to Face Delivery
  • Increase Delegate Engagement
  • Provide Blended Learning
  • Streamline Assessment – Manage Projects
  • Market and Manage Provision
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